4 Unity sex games which became extra admired

Unity sex games are very popular among porn fans. This is a great opportunity not only to watch porn actors, but to become a participant in the game. Modern porn games can have cartoon or realistic graphics. You can choose what you like best. Let’s look at 4 Unity sex games which became extra admired. We also give you more new games from this developer, that you shouldn’t miss.

Rick and Morty – a Way back Home

This is a parody of the Rick and Morty cartoon series. You will see many of the characters from this game in the style of a visual novel. Press F to go into full screen mode. Here you’ll have a huge storyline with lots of text. Try to find every possible way to achieve sexy scenes.

Lady Thunder

In this game you’ll have a little fun with Lady Thunder, she’ll give you instructions on how you should jerk off based on your preferences and secret desires. Answer the test questions at the beginning of the game, you definitely won’t regret it. Your task is to listen to how fast you have to jerk off and last until the end.

Leisure Yacht Epilogue

This is a visual novel made in Unity, you’ll take on the role of Michael, who has spent a lot of time on a very expensive yacht. The summer is over and you have to go home, but before you leave, have time to say some nice words and do some more hot things with everyone you were with on this trip.


A medieval story about a former guardian of the king. He is now imprisoned, but is trying to somehow get out of there. The game has interesting mechanics, unusual for an online game. The game also combines some RPG and combat elements. Of course, you’ll also see some nice sex scenes from different angles and in different positions. Follow the instructions in the game.

Other popular Unity games

  • Cabin Corpse. The action of this game takes place in some scary cabin. There is nothing special around, but this cabin is hiding some secrets. You’ll have to interact with the people you meet, build relationships with them, and eventually you’ll learn the truth about a series of strange things that happened here.
  • Truth or Dare. In this game, you have to defeat all your opponents by earning points in a memory game. The loser will be challenged to truth or dare. If you win, you can get the loser to tell you something savory or get a special reward. Before the girls tell you some stories, you have to beat them a couple of times to increase their shame and sexiness stats.
  • The Furry House. You’re going to live with your mother and step sisters since your father went to prison. I should warn you that they are all furry animals that look like people. A lot of other characters will show up, and you’ll have to go through various daily and not so random situations to build some kind of relationship with them.